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Husqvarna ST230 Snowblower

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Husqvarna's ST 230 is the ideal solution for homeowners who need a high-performing snow blower to clear snow from large garage driveways and paths. Featuring an efficient, two-stage system with a high throwing capacity, the ST 230 performs regardless of surface conditions thanks to its adjustable skid shoes. Working width is 30 inches. Suitable for all snow conditions.

ST 227P

Two-stage system

Snow is fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

Snow Thrower ST 230P
Handle height adjustment

Adjustable handle height for improved ergonomics.

Snow Thrower ST 224
Friction disc transmission

For easy speed changes depending on snow conditions.

Snow Thrower ST 327P
Ribbon auger

The ribbon auger mixes air into the snow, which makes the snow easy to handle and thereby ensures efficient clearing.

Electric starter
Electric starter

Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

Snow Thrower ST 227P
X-trac, heavy-tread tires

X-trac, heavy-tread tires for extra good traction.

Snow Thrower ST 227P
Plastic skid shoes

For merciful treatment of delicate grounds. The skid shoes are reversible for long lifetime.

Snow Thrower ST 227P
Adjustable skid shoes

Makes it possible to adjust the space between the auger housing and the ground in order to protect the ground/surface.

Auger with covered ball bearings
Robust auger housing

For sturdy operation, efficient clearing and long product lifetime.

ST 227P
Aluminium auger gearbox

Durable auger gearbox with 5-year warranty.

High speed impeller
High speed impeller

Gives extra long snow throwing distance.

ST327 Remote Chute Control
Remote chute rotator

Control for horizontal throwing direction

ST 230
Part no: 970 52 88‑02
Working width 30 in
Fuel tank volume (with reserve) 1.45 gal (US)
Horsepower 8.4 hp
Motor/engine manufacturer Husqvarna
Net power at preset rpm Energy 6.3 kW
Cylinder displacement 301 cm³
Transmission type Friction Disc
Transmission steps forward 6
Transmission steps reverse 1
Base machine, length 58.5 in
Base machine, width 31 in
Base machine, height 41.5 in
Weight 258 lbs
Sound and Noise
Sound pressure level at operators ear 85 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 105 dB(A)


The Husqvarna ST230 Snowblower is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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